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Sherman M. Ellison has been practicing law since 1970. Mr. Ellison is a trial attorney who exclusively practices traffic ticket and criminal defense.  Mr. Ellison has been admitted to and practiced in all United States District Courts within California, Hawaii and Oregon; the United States Supreme Court; the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit and Eighth Circuit; and all of the courts in the state of California Court system.

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The Use of Radar or Laser by a Police Officer is Illegal – unless a Valid Engineering and Traffic Survey is on file, which justifies the “Posted Speed” Limit.  Generally, these Traffic Surveys are inadequate and the cases are dismissed.

Red Light

Based upon a computer-controlled photograph or video taken of the vehicle and its driver, these laws permit the city/county to issue citations to the registered owner of a vehicle which crosses the first limit line after the light has turned red.

Traffic School

If you have not gone to a traffic school program within the past 18 months, you can attend an 8-hour traffic school.  Your ticket will be dismissed.  This dismissal is confidential.  There will be NO point on your DMV record.

Trial By Declaration

One of the things you can do without an attorney is a “Trial by Declaration”.  If the officer does not file his response, your case will be dismissed.  If he does and the judge finds you guilty, you can request a “New Trial”, in person.  If the officer does not show up at the in-person trial, your case will be dismissed.

DMV Matters / Issues

If you have either [a] 4-points in a 12-month period, [b] 6-points in a 24-month period or [c] 8-points in a 36 month period on your DMV record,  the DMV will deem you a “Negligent Operator”.  YOU ARE ENTITLED TO HEARING to contest that determination.

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Specialist Traffic Ticket Attorney in California

Unfortunately, a traffic ticket can potentially have life-changing implications. Repeated violations of traffic laws can lead to excessive fines and even license loss. For people who depend on their car to get to work or provide for their family, a traffic ticket has the potential to cause significant misery. As an experienced attorney that's devoted to helping clients face their ticketing penalties and overturn the charges against them, Sherman Ellison is ideally placed to assist anybody in this difficult position.

Beat That Red Light Ticket in Los Angeles or Orange County

Nobody wants to encourage reckless driving, but there are many occasions when innocent motorists end up in receipt of a ticket for jumping a red light when they're not actually guilty. Our team scrutinizes all the available evidence, checking that the correct procedures were followed during the apprehension and charging process and verifying that the technical data given is correct. In many cases it's possible to get the ticket repealed, so why not have a chat and see what we can to do to help?

Successful Representation at All Levels

Sherman Ellison has successfully defended clients at Chatsworth Court and Van Nuys Court, providing robust, compelling evidence in their favor. If the case doesn't initially progress as intended, Mr. Ellison will pursue it through the court system as far as possible. No matter how challenging the circumstances of your ticket may be, you can be confident that Mr. Ellison will work tirelessly on your behalf. In addition to providing expert legal advice, he will also explain the judicial process to you, ensuring you have all the information you need for the duration of the case.

Committed To Serving Local People

Mr. Ellison is conveniently located for people who live and work in Los Angeles and Orange County, California. If you've been issued with a ticket for a traffic violation and want to contest it, why not take advantage of the free evaluation service to see what can be done to help? To make an appointment or find out more, call us at (818) 994-8888.