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Your traffic violation pro in CA is Sherman Ellison

CA Speeding Tickets

Alhambra Traffic Tickets - Sherman Ellison handles them

Alhambra traffic tickets are among Mr. Sherman Ellisions specialties. Alhambra traffic tickets are among Mr. Sherman Ellisions specialties.

Exclusively handling traffic violations in the states of California (CA), Hawaii and Oregon, Attorney Sherman M. Ellison is a very effective attorney at law, who . His success record is unmatched. If you have received a Alhambra traffic ticket for any of the following violations: speeding, red light violation, unsafe turn, driving on the wrong side of the street, failure to stop, unsafe driver, you should call Mr. Ellison immediately. In most cases, he can get your violation dismissed. In other cases, he can see that you receive traffic school, which keeps the violation off your DMV record and prevents your insurance company from raising its rates.

Sherman Ellison Fixes Tickets

Regardless of the type of ticket you've received, if it's a Alhambra traffic ticket, you need to get in touch with Mr. Sherman Ellision.

Mr. Ellison knows the law and the options

Don't you want someone who has the expreiece, the expertise, the education and the earnestness to skillfully, forcefully and intelligently seek your vindication in this Alhambra traffic ticket ?

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Handles Alhambra Traffic Tickets

Mr. Ellision knows how to get the most for you. He will do his utmost to seek a favorable reslution to your current issue. He knows what he's doing regarding Alhambra traffic tickets.

Sherman - Your Expert

Sherman is your specialist on Alhambra traffic tickets.

Are a mature individual? Have you had your license taken away because of an unsafe driver citation pursuant to Vehicle Code sections 12804.8, 12804.9, 12805, 12806 and 12809?

If so, you are entitled to a hearing before the DMV. You will find that Sherman M. Ellison is often able to contest such a ruling and have your license reinstated. Mr. Ellison will work with you and your doctors to help you regain your driving privileges.

Mr. Sherman Ellison has been a licensed attorney since 1970. After successfully completing an undergraduate degree at the University of California at Los Angeles, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. Following an honorable discharge, he applied and was accepted to Dental School. However, his focus changed and he enrolled in the University of La Verne College of Law. He received his L.L.B. and J.D. in 1969 and took the oath as an attorney in January of 1970. After thirty-six years at the practice of law, Mr. Ellison is efficient and effective at handling cases that involve driving privileges.

You need an expert

Sherman also has the benefit of experience both before the court and on the bench. Over the years he has often served as Judge "Pro Tem". He has been trained to act as a judge in traffic court and knows what it means to rule in such cases. He is completely versed in judicial procedure. Sherman is your specialist on Alhambra traffic tickets.

As your attorney, this helps him to understand the case from the judge's viewpoint and represent you to the court with that knowledge in mind. In addition, he has also talked with many officers, especially officers who operate radar and laser devices. Mr. Ellison is fully versed in the use and operation of speed detection equipment and can use this knowledge to help you in your case.

Mr. Ellison will be happy to review the details or your violation and let you know what the probability of success might be in reducing the finds or eliminating your Alhambra traffic ticket altogether, if you would like a free evaluation of your current case.

If you have infractions on your record or have had your license taken away for any reason, Mr. Ellison may be able to help you by having one or more of your previous violations dismissed or mitigated. You may be able to get back behind the wheel sooner than you think. To find out, call Sherman M. Ellison, attorney at law, right away.

"Like all my Legal Strategies, I use the Law and the Constitution to successfully represent my clients".