DMV Matters / Issues


 Vehicle Code section 12810 — any or all of your driving privilege(s) can be suspended/restricted, and/or the DMV can place you on Probation. Afterward, any accident or traffic ticket may lead to the suspension/restriction of your driving privileges.

You become a “Negligent Operator” by accumulating either [a] 4-points in a 12-month period, [b] 6-points in a 24-month period or [c] 8-points in a 36-month period on your DMV record. If you wish to contest that decision, you are ENTITLED to do so.

These proceedings can be contested and won in several ways, one of these being getting one or more of your anterior convictions set aside.


 According to Vehicle Code sections 12804.8, 12804.9, 12805, 12806 and 12809, this category must undergo “Re-Examination” to establish whether you can safely operate a motor vehicle.

To keep your driving privileges, there are several things you can do. I have successfully represented many clients in extensive proceedings, which I won every time. If necessary, I collaborate with your doctor(s) and driver’s training programs to assist you in the process.